A Google Sheets plugin that helps you stay in touch with your contacts

Over the years you’ve accumulated many friends, co-workers and acquintences. You met these people at school, work, civic organizations, clubs, church or children’s activities. These are people that know you! They know what you’re capable of. Then know how hard you work. This is your network.

You can make them your referral network!

(or… you can just use Personal CRM to be an awesome friend too)

Whether you’re selling million dollar houses or baking cupcake part time at home, you need to leverage the relationships you’ve built over the years. Don’t worry if you’ve negelcted some of these relationships. Now is the time to renew them.

= You, building your referral network!!

Personal CRM helps you stay in touch with your contacts, and turn them into your advocates.

It works with Gmail and Google Contacts. You do need to be using Gmail or Gmail for Business to take advantage of Personal CRM. I’ll show you how to use Google Contacts with Personal CRM.

Here are some features of Personal CRM:

  • See the last time you emailed a contact
  • See the last time a contact emaild you
  • Launch a gmail window showing all you emails with a contact
  • See contact’s birthday and anniversary
  • Log calls, view the logs, and see the last call date for each contact
  • Assign each contact a score based on their ability and willingness to refer business to you.

Install the Personal CRM Google Sheets Add-On to get started.

User Guide: Step by step instructions on how to use Personal CRM

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