Personal CRM is a script that runs on Google’s servers and helps you manage your contacts from within a Google spreadsheet. In order to do this, Personal CRM needs access to the following resources of yours:

  • Querying your gmail account to find the last time you corresponded with a contact.
  • Adding, editing, deleting and reading your contacts.
  • See and make changes to the Google spreadsheet in which you run Personal CRM.
  • Save data, on Google servers, about your usage of Personal CRM.
  • Send your email address and the current date and time to the Personal CRM server located at,, so that we may keep usage statistics.

The Personal CRM application and the Jarvis Group, have access to your spreadsheet, gmail, and contacts when you run our plugin. The only data we send to or retain on our servers is your email address and the date/time you use Personal CRM.

We do not send any of your email, spreadsheet, or contacts content to our servers – that data remains on Google’s servers and your personal computing device.

We may contact you by email to ask for feedback about Personal CRM. We will not sell your email address for any purpose.